Caffè Doppio


You are all invited to the inauguration of the CAFFÈ DOPPIO.
Here you’ll find a pair of energic and stubborn barman that are waiting for you. You are guests to taste their cocktails and dishes prepared with a mix of traditional circus and a disarming comedy.
Caffè Doppio is the kitchen of your secrets, a place where everything is possible, where with an incredible simplicity everything can materialize in front of your eyes.
Some select volunteers among the public will have the fortune to taste the Caffedoppio’s specialties and to enjoy the show comfortably sat to the coffe table.
The atmosphere is captivating, intimate and funny for public of all ages.
The show is the energetic creative fruit of two young contemporary circus artists. This exciting story depicts the hope of two young barmen during their most chaotic day: the inauguration of the Caffè.
The main techniques consists of hand to hand (acrobalance), juggling and comedy.
In “Caffè Doppio” (in english Double Coffee) the composition is “double” too, a big undertaking of innovation into the traditional circus.
This show is for all audiences.

With outdoor rappresentations is better an intimate and protected area


Technical sheet:
Space: 7 x 7 meters height 4,5 meters minimum.
Stage (Play Area): hard and flat.
Lights: no special needs but a simple placed lights is required.
Audio:self provide.
Duration: 50 minutes
Set up: 40 minutes
Public: all ages



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